Always Think Comfort - Palliative Care and Pain Management Educational Specialist
Always Think Comfort is a Palliative Care and Pain Management Consulting Practice.  By incorporating a unique combination of education and practice, our team of Advanced Practice Nurses (APN'S) consult with patients in long term care and assisted living facilities and at home to provide the very best in pain and symptom management.
Palliative Care is the specialty charged with relieving the pain and discomfort brought on by long standing illness. At Always Think Comfort, we treat patients that suffer from chronic illnesses such as diabetes, congestive heart failure, chronic pain, COPD, arthritis, renal failure and those facing end of life.
Our Mission is to provide high quality pain and symptom management to patients and to provide education to healthcare professionals that will improve the quality of pain management in facilities all across the United States of America.
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The Unique Role of a Palliative Care Team
Diane E. Meier, MD, FACPDirector, Center to Advance Palliative CareDirector, Hertzberg Palliative Care InstituteMount Sinai School of Medicine
Our Vision is that we will educate and empower every nurse, family, and patient  about appropriate pain management so that no patient will suffer unnecessarily.
At Always Think Comfort we take a holistic approach to pain and symptom management.  We combine conventional medications as well as complimentary modalities such as massage, aromatherapy, stress reduction, reiki, and relaxation.  We partner with a team of care providers to ensure that your needs are met on all levels. These care providers include doctors, nurses, clergy, social workers, psychologists, and case managers.