Always Think Comfort - Palliative Care and Pain Management Educational Specialist
At Always Think Comfort we provide consultative and educational services that enable you to  meet your pain management educational needs at your facility.  Whether you want to improve your pain management scores by teaching your nursing staff to be expert Pain Resource Nurses, educate your staff on the new F-Tag 309 regulations or if you have interest in advancing your staff to the level of pain management certification, ATC has a program that can meet your needs with the following course offerings:
F Tag 309
As a Long Term Care Administrator, you are aware of the F Tag 309 regulations that state "Each resident receives and that the facility must provide the necessary care and services to attain or maintain the highest practical physical, mental and psychosocial well being, in accordance with the comprehensive assessment and plan of care."  
In our F-Tag 309 Course we teach your employees how to implement and document compliance with the regulations that are being enforced by Medicare.
Those issues include:  
  • Risk evaluation for pain based on the patients disease process
  • Recognition of pain
  • Assessment of pain
  • Non-Pharmacologic intervention
  • Pharmacologic interventions
  • Monitoring and documentation
  • Reassessment
  • Care plan revision
Simply filling out an MDS is no longer going to enable facilities to meet the new and stringent guidelines. There are multiple dimensions of pain the surveyors will be assessing. Always Think Comfort will help you and your residents answer the surveyors questions in ways that be in compliance with with the F Tag 309 regulations.
These courses are generally individualized to your facility needs and range from 2 hours to a full day program.  Call (908) 369-6823 to find out how to schedule a program for your facility.
Pain Resource Nurse (PRN) Program
Up to sixty percent of patients report unrelieved pain, making pain of all types a significant problem for patients, families and facilities. Untreated pain affects quality of life, patient satisfaction, Joint Commission compliance and Medicare reimbursements.
The PRN program has been proven to significantly improve patient satisfaction in the area of pain control as well as reduce the amount of pain reported by patients.  Attending the PRN course has been shown to greatly increase the  knowledge base, improve the  attitudes of the nurse participants regarding pain management, reduces nursing turnover and  increases job satisfaction for nursing attendees.
With reimbursements now being tied to patient satisfaction scores can any institution afford to not have their nurse be trained in pain management?  
After Completing the PRN Program Participants Will Be Able To:
  • Describe the physical, spiritual, and emotional components of pain
  • Describe the assessment and documentation of pain
  • Discuss the pharmocologic approaches to pain management
  • Describe nursing, natural, complementary and alternative pain management strategies that can be used without adding cost
  • Discuss pain management in impaired populations
  • Identify the role of the Pain Resource Nurse and its importance to quality care
  • Be able to use the at least one of the self care techniques and identify how important self care is to the role of advocacy
  • State the current standards of accrediting agencies regarding pain management
The PRN course is a 2-3 day course that can be provided at your facility.  If you are interested in scheduling a PRN course for your facility, or would like to send your staff to one of our programs,  please call (908) 369-6823 for more information.
ELNEC Training
The End-of- Life Nursing Education Consortium (ELNEC) is a national initiative to improve end-of-life care (EOL). The ELNEC core curriculum was developed by the City of Hope Medical Center and the American Association of Colleges of Nursing to provide end of life education to healthcare providers. ELNEC-training has touched and improved the lives of nearly six million patients and their families facing the end-of-life.  
After Completing the ELNEC Program participants receive a certificate and will immediately be able to understand and discuss:
  • Palliative care
  • Pain assessment and management
  • Emotional and spiritual issues at the end-of-life
  • Symptom management at the end-of-life 
  • The ethical and legal issues of end-of-life care
  • Culture aspects of end-of-life care
  • Communication at the end-of-life
  • How to help others through loss, grief, and bereavement.
  • Achieving quality care at the end-of-life.
This is a 10 hour course that is presented in 2 or more days.
If you are interested in scheduling an ELNEC course for your facility, or have your staff attend one of our training programs, please call (908) 369-6823 for more information.