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Pain Medications and You: Resource for Pain

For those of you that are struggling with managing pain at home for your loved ones, you might be interested in a new book called Pain Medications and You: A Comprehensive Guide to Survive and Thrive.  This book answers most of the questions you will have about administering pain meds. It speaks to how the medications work, how to manage side effects, goes through each medication and how and why they are used, responsibilities of patients as well as providers and concludes with a list of helpful websites for those suffering with pain. It is available on I hope it will help you

A blog has been added to the Always Think Comfort Website

I am going to take the first step. I am going to add a blog page to this website. I started this website with a vision of educating medical professionals, families, and patients about what palliative care is. My goal was to help patients and families navigate an almost impossible health care system. I wanted to serve an underserved population, those in long term care facilities and in assisted living, those who do not always die with dignity. I wanted everyone to understand that it is never acceptable for people to die in pain, that we have the medications available to prevent a painful death. My goal is to educate that there are not only 2 choices of being so sedated with medication or being in pain, there is a happy medium. To understand that symptom management and death with dignity is paramount for all patients regardless of income, gender, race, insurance, or any other defining characteristics. There are a few people who agree with me on this. Unfortunately, there are many many more who don't even understand what palliative care means.
I debated a while about how to blog. I come across so many frustrating situations every day that I would like to share but I need to be so very careful about confidentiality and anonymity. I contemplated blogging under an anonymous name so I can share my frustrations openly, but I want people to know who I am, what I believe, and how Always Think Comfort can assist you in meeting your needs for palliative care. So we will take it slow, we will grow together. I will try to educate about palliative care, get feedback from you on your needs and frustrations, let you know what is new in the palliative care arena, offer resourses for palliative care and pain management, and hopefully help meet your needs when you can't think of where else to turn.
I will try to make entries 3-4 times a week, if you ask me questions, I will do my best to answer them as best I can. You are not alone, we will travel this road together. Hopefully in the end, we will know that when our time on this earth is done, we will go out with the same glory we came in with.

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Pain Medications and You: Resource for Pain
A blog has been added to the Always Think Comfort Website
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